9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

Have you ever felt like your life had turned into a series of negative events? Maybe it’s time to incorporate some positive events and actions into your daily routine!

As the old saying goes, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it, so it’s important to practice positive lifestyle habits as often as possible.

Here are 9 ways to help live a positive lifestyle every day, no matter what comes your way!

  • Set your schedule
  • Find your triggers
  • Find your triggers
  • Avoid comparison
  • Drink water
  • Wake up early
  • Exercise everyday
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude
  • Start small, keep going.

1) Set your schedule

9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

Set up your schedule so that you’re working with positive energy; what you do in an hour of your day can be completely different than what you do at night.

The former should be productive and focused, while later hours should be used for relaxation and family time. If you’re interested in living a positive lifestyle every day, make sure your whole schedule is dotted with these positive moments.

2) Find your triggers

9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

If you wake up stressed, don’t fight it. Consider what might be stressing you out and nip it in the bud. For example, if your alarm clock is making you feel anxious, buy an app-controlled one that turns off automatically when you hit snooze.

If driving on highways gives you heart palpitations, try listening to soothing music on your way to work or go for a walk during your lunch break.

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3) Avoid comparison

It’s really easy to let other people’s actions—be it their successes or failures—become your guiding principle. The truth is, most of us aren’t in competition with our peers; we’re only competing with ourselves. Concentrate on your own objectives rather than those of others.

4) Drink water

9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle into Your Daily Routine

Most of us aren’t drinking enough water on a daily basis. Make it a goal to drink at least two glasses of water for every one that you drink soda, coffee or beer (or other types of alcohol).

Water is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle and is crucial for many bodily functions, including digestion. If you find yourself not drinking as much water as you should be, make it fun by infusing your plain old H2O with fruit, cucumbers or even mint leaves!

5) Wake up early

Waking up early gives you time to exercise, cook healthy meals and spend more time with family. It’s also scientifically proven that waking up early improves your memory, helps you manage stress and makes you happier.

So get out of bed! You’ll feel better in no time.

6) Exercise everyday


While it’s true that sitting all day isn’t good for your health, exercising excessively can be just as bad. You might think that spending hours at the gym or jogging on long runs would be great for your body and mind, but you actually burn off essential stress hormones when you overdo it.

7) Develop an attitude of gratitude

People who are grateful for what they have tend to be happier and more positive. This gratitude can be for something as simple as appreciating clean water or fresh air—or it can extend to material things like having a home and food on your table.

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It’s easy, especially in tough times, to take some of these things for granted—but try making it part of your routine instead.

8) Take time for yourself

Make time for yourself each day. We are frequently preoccupied with taking care of others that we overlook ourselves. At least once a day, sit down and do something you enjoy, like reading a book or taking a bath.

It will make you feel better and give you peace of mind. You will be much more successful in your professional and personal life if you focus on self-care.

9) Start small, keep going.

Small actions add up quickly and can make all of the difference in helping you live life positively. If you want to change your attitude and outlook on life, start by being more positive in your daily interactions.

From there, it’s easier to keep going with small acts of positivity. Here are nine ways you can incorporate a positive lifestyle into your daily routine.

9 Ways to Incorporate a Positive Lifestyle