Do you know what that white “SPOT” is in a raw egg? (VIDEO)

It must have happened to you in your life that when you break an egg, you notice a completely white spot, a dot, a strip, whatever you want to call it, exactly between the white and the yolk.

The urban legend has already taken hold – most people believe that it is actually an embryo, something that should have grown into a chick if we had not been so cruel and interrupted its potential growth and development.

However, it is not about the umbilical cord. It’s about hella.

They can be found on both sides of the yolk, and in fact their main purpose is to keep it in the middle of the egg white. In other words, they act like an anchor for the yolk.

Removing the shell is completely unnecessary because it is a completely edible part of the egg, and as the Huffington Post writes, it is actually a sign that it is a fresh egg.

Helaza, in fact, disappears as the egg ages, so if after breaking the egg you don’t find that white, slimy substance, it can be a sign that the egg has been sitting in the store or in your fridge for a long time.

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