Everything you Need in Life: 5 Advice From the World’s Happiest Man

Everything you need in life: 5 advice from the world’s happiest man

What is the secret of happiness? This eternal question is answered by Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist priest and the happiest man in the world who spent 50 years in the Himalayas and found a recipe for eternal happiness there.

The happiest man in the world Matthieu Ricard at 26, as a young scientist, went to the Himalayas, became a Buddhist priest, and spent the last 50 years learning how to be happy.

Even science, more precisely research from the University of Wisconsin, has proven that Ricard is the happiest man in the world.

His power of mind control is astounding, and his brain produces levels of gamma rays (associated with awareness, attention, learning, and memory) that have never been recorded before in neuroscience.

Happiness is a skill to be learned, says Ricard who shared 5 simple tips on how to be happy:

Don’t worry

“Don’t worry about anything. If you run into some difficulties and problems and if there is a solution to it, do it. If there is no solution, there is no point in worrying because that way the problem only gets bigger. Relax. And consider what other useful things you could do. Find another way. ”

Train a happy life

“Caring, love, compassion, inner freedom, and inner serenity are all essential human traits that are vitally necessary for living a happy, fulfilling life and working well.” You can’t improve those characteristics without exercising, and exercising takes time. ”

Everything you need in life: 5 Advice From the World's Happiest Man

Find your passion

When I was 20, I struggled to discover a talent that I could pursue and that would give my life meaning.
The Greek poet Aristophanes said that education is not only filling vases but also lighting flames. And that flame gives meaning to life.

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And that flame isn’t always where you think it could be. There is an area, a skill that will fulfill and inspire you. Seek it and do what it takes to achieve what you want. ”

Wish happiness to everyone

Be an altruist and hope for the happiness of every man on the planet. Why would you exclude anyone? Wishing someone happiness does not mean that they want to do bad things, lie, or harass, others because it does not bring happiness to anyone.

That means they want to be compassionate and free from suffering, anger, arrogance, narcissism. Altruism means wanting only the good in people. ”

Help others

“Wherever I go, I go with the goal of helping someone. Why else would I go anywhere and travel? I feel perfectly good where I live, in the Himalayas.

Whenever I come down from the Himalayas, I want to help someone. Otherwise, every departure from home would be a waste of time.

Everything you need in life: 5 Advice From the World’s Happiest Man