He Wears Earrings To Pay for his Own Funeral, and he Trusts Bees the most – Freeman Celebrates his 85th Birthday

He wears earrings to pay for his own funeral, and he trusts bees the most – Freeman celebrates his 85th birthday

As one of the most legendary Hollywood actors, Morgan Freeman is known around the world for his roles in several cult films.

Perhaps his most impressive role is as Ellis ‘Red’ Redding, a prisoner who smuggles goods and unknowingly helps the main character escape from prison in the film “Escape from Shawshank”.

Morgan Freeman is well recognized for his brilliant acting, yet little is known about his personal life.

However, since he is celebrating his 85th birthday today, we managed to single out seven interesting facts about the actor that probably not even his biggest fans know.

Twelve-year-old Morgan Freeman was punished for disturbing the hour after he pulled out a chair under the girl he was in love with.

It’s good to hear that even he had the same flirting techniques as the rest of us when we were in those years. The teacher instructed him to participate in the school drama competition as the only form of punishment.

To everyone’s amazement, Freeman triumphed, launching a lifetime passion for acting.

To this day, the actor is indebted to a teacher who gave him a much more useful sentence than a life sentence in the Shawshank State Prison.

“Escape from Shawshank” is the first film in which he was the narrator

Morgan Freeman is known for his calm tones and pleasing voice. His vote was one of the main reasons why he got the role in “Escape from Shawshank”.

In the original novel, written by Stephen King, Ellis Redding was a red-haired Irishman, which is a description that does not suit Freeman.

However, director Frank Darabont wanted him to play that role because of his authoritative voice.

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“Escape from Shawshank” is the first film for which Freeman was signed as a narrator, but since then he has continued to narrate many documentaries and feature films.

He is not only an actor but also a beekeeper

There is a startling theory that if the bees became extinct, the entire population of humanity would be wiped out within four years.

After hearing this potentially devastating fact, Morgan Freeman decided that he would do his best to help.

In 2014, he turned the 124-hectare ranch he owns in Mississippi into a dedicated refuge for bees. It is not known exactly how many bees live on the ranch, but it could be up to two million.

Freeman said that he has no need to collect honey.

In reality, he only comes to the hives to offer food. He also trusts bees so much that he never wears a beekeeper’s suit or hat.

He Wears Earrings To Pay for his Own Funeral, and he Trusts Bees the most - Freeman Celebrates his 85th Birthday
He Wears Earrings To Pay for his Own Funeral, and he Trusts Bees the most – Freeman Celebrates his 85th Birthday

He is known for his charity work

The charitable efforts of the legendary actor do not stop caring for bees, because he also did a lot to help other people in need.

He established the Rock River Foundation in order to equip disadvantaged children with the education and resources they require to live healthy and productive life.

Freeman also led numerous fundraising actions after natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Hurricane Grenada.

As a very modest man as he is, Freeman has previously stated that he does not view these efforts as charitable. On the contrary, he feels his philanthropic work as a vocation and just something he has to deal with.

He wears gold earrings because of his attachment to the sea

In an interview with the Guardian, he talked about his love of the sea and revealed the reasons for wearing earrings:

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“I’ve always wanted an earring. It has to do with my attachment to the sea. When I was approximately 35, they removed me from my wife, and she threatened, ‘I’ll pierce your ear.’ I’m a passionate sailor painted in blue water…

Do you know why their sailors wore gold earrings? Enough money to bury ourselves in a foreign country. “

Carrying an earring was therefore practiced only for the reason that wherever you happen to be, there is enough value in that earring to buy a coffin for it and pay for your funeral.

Morgan Freeman Earrings Coffin

Morgan Freeman Earrings Coffin
Morgan Freeman Earrings Coffin

These earrings were worn by Morgan Freeman during his funeral service.

Earrings are often used for funerals, memorial services, and other events where people pass away. They’re also used in cemeteries, which are places where people are buried.

The coffin was made from an antique English oak casket with brass handles.

The casket was lined with black velvet and had gold trim. It was then covered with a white satin pall. A pair of silver candlesticks adorned the top of the casket.

They were made from sterling silver and gold-plated brass. The coffin was also made from sterling silver and brass

The earrings were designed by artist and jewelry designer, Mary Ann O’Brien. She said she wanted to make something that would “stand out” at the funeral.

The coffin was made from an old oak tree trunk and covered with black velvet.

The coffin was then lined with white satin and adorned with flowers. A large cross was also added to the top of the casket.