How to Get a Girl to Kiss You – Even When You’re Poor

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You – Even When You’re Poor

When you are poor, it can seem like women only like to kiss rich guys. But all hope is not lost! Getting a girl to kiss you even when you’re poor is possible if you use the right approach. Keep reading to find out how…

Use your body language

A common problem is, how do you get girls to kiss you if they don’t want to? And what can be done if they don’t actually want to kiss you? Body language plays an important role here.

Don’t force yourself on her! Be confident, but not arrogant and pushy. If she doesn’t want it, you won’t persuade her. So ask her what she wants.

Build tactile tension

Create tactile tension by being subtle. If you constantly talk about how you want to kiss her, it may take away from any romantic feelings she has for you.

Instead, show her with your words and body language that you’re attracted to her, and let things unfold naturally. After all, if she wants you as much as you want her, why wait?

Flash your best grin

Imagine your ideal partner. She’s stunningly gorgeous, and intelligent, and she seems drawn to you too. In fact, she can’t stop smiling back at you.

At dinner, she leans in close and begins whispering things that make you blush. Then suddenly—she leans in even closer…and whispers that she wants to kiss you! If only it were so easy.

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Build trust

Feeling confident around women is all about trust. So, you need to develop trust in yourself and in her. The more she trusts you, it will be easier for her to want to kiss you.

Plus, if she already knows that she can trust you, then there won’t be anything holding her back from kissing you when she wants.

She’ll know that nothing bad will happen and that everything is okay. But how do you build trust? By just getting to know each other!

Show her you’re proud of her

As with most things in life, it’s best to be genuine. Let her know that you’re proud of how far she’s come and how hard she’s worked—and then kiss her.

Tell her you to respect her as both a person and an equal. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up about how proud you are of her, and kiss away any reservations or doubts she might have left over from your past mistakes.

Pay attention to her non-verbal cues

How many times have you been excited about an upcoming first date only to realize it’s not going anywhere? If you’re like most men, it’s probably happened more than once.

The best way to find out what she wants is by paying attention—to her body language, specifically. If she’s touching your arm or leg, that means she likes you.

Don’t be afraid to be the attacker

Men, get off your knees and start being more proactive. Chances are that you’re not going to meet your future spouse on church grounds or while attending Young Life (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those groups).

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The fact is, she won’t just throw herself at you. If you really want her to kiss you, give her a reason to say yes. Take charge; don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.