How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online

How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online

How to make money from a blog? Bloggers can generally say for themselves that they do a job they love!

If they are making solid money from this business, even better! You can make good money from a blog, even more than if you were employed permanently in a company.

How to start writing?

How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online
How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online

To begin, choose a topic that you will cover on the blog! Each of us has some interests: cooking, fitness, books, movies…

The blog can also cover topics from everyday life, so you can also share advice on parenting, pregnancy, beautification, home decoration, pets, travel, photography, everyday savings…

Someone combined his full-time job with blogging, so we also have blogs about car maintenance, business tips, sports, computers and software, agriculture, etc.

Next, make a list of topics to write about. Research on the Internet what are the most common questions that people “google” when it comes to the topic you are working on.

For example, you want to start a blog about pregnancy and you need to find which topics are the most current and related to this concept!

Type your keyword into the search engine (in this case, the keyword would be “pregnancy”) and see what the search engine throws up.

There are also special applications for this type of research, so you will easily find the most popular topics to cover.

Now that you have compiled a list of topics, you can start writing. It is not desirable for texts to be too long, because it has been proven that people have a hard time staying on reading texts. They just fly over them.

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Your paragraphs can be from three to five sentences, it is preferable that after three paragraphs you insert a photo, title, subtitle or something else that will break the monotony of the text.

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How to make money from a blog?

In order to make money from a blog, you need to have a certain number of visits on a daily basis, as well as to update it regularly, that is, to insert new content. It’s a process that takes time, but also requires improvement.

To begin with, make sure you have enough content to keep your visitors interested.

You can promote blogs, primarily on social networks, open your page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

If you can, sponsor a post related to your blog. Advertisements on social networks do not have to be expensive, but they are certainly useful.

Look for support on forums, other bloggers, your friends who have profiles on social networks…

Some other bloggers may be willing to exchange links, or advertise your blog on their site, if you do the same for them.

Anyone who has a budget for advertising can, for starters, ask an influencer to advertise it!

Increasing site traffic is the most difficult thing you can face in this business and it certainly takes time. You need to regularly improve, research, and find new ways to attract a potential audience to your blog.

How to make money from a blog and live from a blog?

When your blog reaches a certain number of daily visits, contact Google Adsense and apply to be a publisher.

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Google will first consider whether you are an adequate candidate for them. It is necessary that your blog has a certain number of visits!

After that, Adsense will post their ads on your blog. Advertisements will be adapted to the design of your site, so they will not spoil the appearance of it.

How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online
How to Make Money from a Blog No.1 steps to Make Money Online

Also, products are advertised that are related to the topic you are dealing with.

For example, if your blog is about cars, there will be ads for car tires, car dealerships, motor oils and the like.

So, everything related to cars! There will be no advertising for boutiques, computers or cosmetics!

Blog visitors are potential buyers of products advertised on your blog.

The more visitors you have, the more people will click on your ad, and that means more money for you. You can withdraw money as soon as you earn the first ten euros.

People who advertise on the Internet are aware that today’s consumers “live online”!

That is why there are more and more people who invest money intended for advertising in digital marketing. Make good use of these opportunities.

The moment you reach the level where you can make money from your blog, feel free to relax and enjoy your dream workplace!

You set your own working hours, you don’t have a busy boss and boring colleagues, and you earn money at the same time!

Therefore, start working now!!!