She Made a house using instructions on YouTube: See how it looks (VIDEO)

She Made a house using instructions on YouTube: See how it looks (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine that a woman with no construction experience could build a two-story, five-room house just by watching instructions on YouTube. Cara Brookins and her four children are living proof that you can do it when you want to.

Her oldest son, Drew, helped mom Cara design the house and get approval from the city to build it, her daughter Jada hauled water from the neighbor’s pond and mixed concrete for the foundation, while her second daughter made food for them all.

That’s how she managed to build a house for herself and her children in just nine months of work. They went through everything: from digging the foundation to building the walls of the house.

When the inspectors came to inspect the houses, they were surprised how professionally everything was done, not believing that it was built by a mother with no knowledge of construction.

They named their home, which has a library, a three-car garage, five bedrooms and two floors, Inkwell Manor, and the house is worth about half a million dollars today.

Below you can see how it all looked, and finally what the house looks like, which was made only with the help of instructions watched on YouTube.

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