Taylor Swift’s epic Eras tour set list includes 44 songs

Taylor Swift’s epic Eras tour set list includes 44 songs.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Taylor Swift setlists! As experts in music and SEO, we’ve put together the ultimate resource for fans looking for information on Taylor Swift’s setlists and how to make the most of their concert experience.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the songs Taylor typically plays during her concerts to how to get the best seats and what to expect from her live shows. So grab your concert tickets and let’s dive in!

Taylor Swift Setlist: What to Expect

When it comes to Taylor Swift concerts, fans can expect a high-energy show filled with hits, fan favorites, and surprises. Taylor is known for putting on spectacular performance that keeps fans on their feet from start to finish.

One thing to note about Taylor’s setlists is that she often changes them up from show to show. This means that if you’re seeing her on multiple dates of her tour, you can expect a slightly different setlist each night.

That being said, there are some songs that Taylor almost always includes in her setlists. These include crowd-pleasers like “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” and “Love Story.” Taylor also often includes acoustic versions of some of her hits, allowing fans to hear their favorite songs in a new and intimate way.

Other popular songs that Taylor has included in her setlists in the past include “You Belong With Me,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “Bad Blood.” No matter what songs Taylor chooses to include in her setlist, fans can expect a memorable and exciting performance.

Getting the Best Seats

If you’re planning on attending a Taylor Swift concert, one of the most important things to consider is your seating location. The closer you are to the stage, the more immersive and exciting your concert experience will be.

Of course, front-row tickets can be expensive and hard to come by. If you’re on a budget, there are still plenty of ways to get great seats at a Taylor Swift concert. One option is to look for tickets on secondary market sites like StubHub or SeatGeek. These sites often have tickets available at a variety of price points, so you can find something that fits your budget.

Another option is to purchase tickets during the presale period. Many concerts have a presale period that allows fans to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. This can be a great way to get access to tickets before they sell out.

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If you’re really dedicated to getting the best seats possible, you can also consider purchasing a VIP package. These packages often include early entry to the venue, exclusive merchandise, and a meet and greet with Taylor.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Concert Experience

Attending a Taylor Swift concert is an unforgettable experience, but there are some things you can do to make it even better. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your concert experience:

  • Arrive early: Getting to the venue early can help you beat the crowds and find your seats with plenty of time to spare. Plus, you’ll have more time to explore the venue and grab snacks before the show starts.
  • Dress comfortably: You’ll be on your feet for the majority of the show, so make sure you’re dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll also want to bring a light jacket or sweater in case the venue gets chilly.
  • Bring a friend: Going to a concert with a friend can make the experience, even more, fun and memorable. Plus, you’ll have someone to sing along with during your favorite songs!
  • Follow Taylor on social media: Taylor often shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her tour on social media, so following her accounts can give you a unique perspective on the concert experience.
  • Stay hydrated

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you know that her live shows are legendary. With her high-energy performances and catchy pop hits, she knows how to put on a show that leaves the audience wanting more. But what songs has she been playing on her most recent tours? Let’s find out.

Taylor Swift’s epic Eras tour set list includes 44 songs

The Reputation Tour Setlist

In 2018, Taylor Swift embarked on her Reputation Stadium Tour, playing in packed stadiums across North America, Europe, and Oceania. Here’s a look at the setlist from one of her shows:

  1. “…Ready for It?”
  2. “I Did Something Bad”
  3. “Gorgeous”
  4. “Style”
  5. “Love Story”
  6. “You Belong with Me”
  7. “Look What You Made Me Do”
  8. “End Game”
  9. “King of My Heart”
  10. “Delicate”
  11. “Shake It Off”
  12. “Dancing with Our Hands Tied”
  13. “All Too Well”
  14. “Blank Space”
  15. “Dress”
  16. “Bad Blood”
  17. “Should’ve Said No”
  18. “Don’t Blame Me”
  19. “Long Live”/”New Year’s Day”

As you can see, the Reputation Tour setlist is packed with hits from throughout Taylor Swift’s career, from her early country-pop hits like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” to her more recent, electro-pop anthems like “…Ready for It?” and “Gorgeous.” And of course, no Taylor Swift concert would be complete without fan favorites like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.”

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Taylor Swift’s epic Eras tour set list includes 44 songs

The Lover Fest Setlist

In 2020, Taylor Swift was set to embark on her Lover Fest tour, playing stadiums across the United States and Europe. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour was postponed indefinitely. However, Taylor did perform a one-off concert in Paris in September 2019, which gives us a glimpse of what the Lover Fest setlist might have looked like:

  1. “Me!”
  2. “Blank Space”
  3. “I Knew You Were Trouble”
  4. “The Archer”
  5. “Love Story”
  6. “You Need to Calm Down”
  7. “Daylight”
  8. “Cornelia Street”
  9. “Death by a Thousand Cuts”
  10. “Paper Rings”
  11. “Soon You’ll Get Better”
  12. “False God”
  13. “You Belong with Me”
  14. “Lover”
  15. “Shake It Off”

As you can see, the Lover Fest setlist is filled with songs from Taylor Swift’s latest album, Lover, as well as some of her classic hits. The setlist is a mix of upbeat pop songs like “Me!” and “Shake It Off,” as well as more emotional ballads like “Soon You’ll Get Better” and “Cornelia Street.”

And finally

Taylor Swift’s epic Eras tour set list includes 44 songs

  1. “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince”
  2. “Cruel Summer”
  3. “The Man”
  4. “You Need to Calm Down”
  5. “Lover”
  6. “The Archer”
  7. “Fearless”
  8. “You Belong With Me”
  9. “Love Story”
  10. ” ‘Tis the Damn Season”
  11. “Willow”
  12. “Marjorie”
  13. “Champagne Problems”
  14. “Tolerate It”
  15. “Ready For It?”
  16. “Delicate”
  17. “Don’t Blame Me”
  18. “Look What You Made Me Do”
  19. “Enchanted”
  20. “22”
  21. “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
  22. “I Knew You Were Trouble”
  23. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”
  24. “Invisible String”
  25. “Betty”
  26. “The Last Great American Dynasty”
  27. “August”
  28. “Illicit Affairs”
  29. “My Tears Ricochet”
  30. “Cardigan”
  31. “Style”
  32. “Blank Space”
  33. “Shake it Off”
  34. “Wildest Dreams”
  35. “Bad Blood”
  36. “Mirrorball”
  37. “Tim McGraw”
  38. “Lavender Haze”
  39. “Anti-Hero”
  40. “Midnight Rain”
  41. “Vigilante S—“
  42. “Bejeweled”
  43. “Mastermind”
  44. “Karma”

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a long-time Taylor Swift fan or a newcomer to her music, her live shows are not to be missed. With high-energy performances and catchy, sing-along-worthy hits, she knows how to put on a show that will leave you feeling inspired and energized.

So the next time Taylor Swift comes to your town, be sure to grab tickets and experience the magic of her live show for yourself. And with this insider knowledge of her latest setlists, you’ll be singing along.