The Best Medicinal and Spicy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

The Best Medicinal and Spicy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

Although you live in the city, on the terrace, even one that is as high as mine (on the 18th floor), you can grow medicinal, aromatic, spicy, and edible plants that you can use every day as fresh spices or make teas and tinctures from them.

When choosing the species that you will grow on the terrace, be sure to ask whether the plant likes a sunny (lavender, sage, rosemary) or shady (mint, selenium) place.

If you live high, like me, you have to take into account the wind, which can be quite strong. If so, choose lower plants such as thyme, marjoram or thyme.
Of course, you have to water the plants regularly, taking into account their love of water. Succulents do not like a lot of water, and the darling adores it. I use water dripping from the air conditioner for watering in the summer months.

As for top dressing, use only organic fertilizers (preferably the ones you made yourself, from comfrey, nettle or nettle).

Sometimes I also use organic fertilizer for foliar feeding through the leaves) which contains only the plant hormone auxin, which gives plants a signal to grow faster.

The Best Medicinal and Spicy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

Here is what I grow on my terrace:

Oregano – an excellent herbal antiseptic for the treatment of urinary, respiratory and digestive organs; favorite spice on bruschettas and in Tzatziki salad

Marigold – a good herbal remedy for all skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, burns, varicose veins); effective in treating menstrual disorders

Lavender – in addition to repelling moths and mosquitoes, relaxes, relaxes and soothes

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Thick coca – a plant that must be had on the terrace or in the garden by those who suffer from stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Eat two fresh leaves every day

Kaloper – a wonderful, ancient, fragrant plant that people believe is a cure for infertility

Sage – effectively treats sore throat, excessive sweating and is recommended for menopausal women because it is a hormonal balancer. It goes wonderfully with pork

Rosemary – prevents the action of free radicals, recommended for anyone suffering from arthritis and rheumatism; gives great taste to fish and lamb dishes

The Best Medicinal and Spicy Plants for Your Terrace Garden

Mint – the main star of mojitos, the most famous remedy for bloating, indigestion and bloating. Regulates the work of the thyroid gland

Basil – the main star of the Genoese pesto, a folk remedy for sinusitis, against colds, colds and headaches

Selenium – a more aromatic relative of celery and primrose goes well with game dishes; treats inflammation of the urinary tract and improves digestion

Hot peppers – speed up metabolism, relieve pain in bones and joints, stimulate nail and hair growth

Echinacea – the best herbal immunostimulant, especially useful against influenza, colds, herpes, respiratory and genital infections; strong antiviral action; strengthens the gums

Thyme – a wonderful spice with meat and cheese dishes, excellent in the treatment of digestive and respiratory organs

Shower – the best plant source of omega 3 fatty acids, a good remedy for those who suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides.

The Best Medicinal and Spicy Plants for Your Terrace Garden