VIDEO: A policeman caught a mother stealing – what he did she will never forget

VIDEO: A policeman caught a mother stealing – what he did she will never forget

A mother would do anything for her children, and a Connecticut woman proved it when she allegedly stole her children’s clothes so they would have something to wear for the start of the school year.

Fortunately for the 27-year-old mother, who has not been identified, the police officer who was called to the store showed her compassion.

Store employees called the police after they saw the mother on camera putting clothes in a bag.

After police officer Hector Irizarry arrived at the store and took the suspect into custody, he noticed that the bag contained mostly children’s clothing and that the suspect was with her young daughter.

Irizarry, a father himself, was overcome with compassion and did the good deed without speaking to the suspect.

“I took the clothes and took them to the cashier,” he said, “I decided to pay for the clothes, and I didn’t say anything to the suspect.”

After Irizarry handed her the bag, the mother became emotional and asked how she could repay his kindness.

Irizarry only told her that one day she would do someone a favor.

Police Chief Gary Macnamara described the act of kindness as “another example of a police officer doing his job.”

“In the end, the important words are: ‘I am a father too. I care about your children and I will try to make sure they have something to wear,” said Macnamara.

Irizarry said he hopes the incident “shows the police in a positive light.”

“It was something I had to do, and it came from the heart,” he said.

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