What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually

Do you ever fantasize about flying? These dreams’ meanings can range from anxiety to joy and everything in between.

Join us as we investigate what dream analysts have said about flight dreams throughout history.

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually
What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually

The vision:

You gradually begin to feel lighter.

Your feet are no longer touching the floor before you realize it, and as you look down, you realize you’ve taken flight and are leaving the terrestrial world you know.

As you soar through the air, looking down at the world below, a world you’re no longer a part of, the sound that is so loud in everyday life is muffled.

You feel separate, thrilled, and liberated from the shackles that have bound you to the ground, and you loop and glide, feeling the wind in your hair in a moment of complete freedom.

But it’s only a dream, right?

The dream’s meaning(s):

The meaning of a flying dream can vary greatly, as can the dreamer’s experience. Some people have joyful dreams about flying, while others have anxious dreams about falling in their dreams or failing to fly.

What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually
What Does Flying in a Dream Mean Spiritually

According to Carl Jung, both of these can be answered by the same interpretation:

Common interpretations of flying dreams:

There are meanings behind every action, from flying in a futuristic vehicle to flying over water or simply through the sky, Superman-style.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these:

Flying in a vehicle: Flying in a plane or other vehicle can indicate that you have the tools to solve your immediate problems and can be interpreted as an unconscious need to take a risk in a difficult situation.

Flying in a clear sky: These dreams can represent the dreamer’s unconscious desire to be free of their problems, but the act of flying indicates that the power to do so exists, requiring the dreamer to consider new approaches to old problems.

Flying over turbulent water: In these dreams, the water represents an unacknowledged emotional problem that you are ignoring, and it encourages the dreamer to examine their waking life for indications that they are ignoring some inner turmoil.

In response to the dream:

Dreams that stay with us may or may not have a hidden meaning. However, because our brains use sleep to process our daily lives, it pays to pay more attention to particularly vivid or troubling dreams than we do.

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As a result, considering flying dreams with historical analysis in mind can help dreamers focus their self-reflection and find solutions that might not otherwise present themselves.

For those who aspire to fly, this means identifying issues that we may be putting off but have the tools to deal with, or looking for new approaches to issues that have plagued us for some time.