Where is Nutella From?

Where does Nutella come from? The history of Nutella goes back to 1940 when Pietro Ferrero invented the recipe in his Piedmont, Italy-based pastry shop.

He named it pasta gianduja, or chocolate and hazelnut paste.

Where is Nutella From?

Today, in the wake of its success, Ferrero has confirmed that Nutella contains neither pasta nor mandolins, but instead is made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, cocoa and a little vegetable oil. One jar of Nutella has about 200 calories, 11 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar.

The history

Although first appeared on the market in 1964, its predecessor, Supercrema spread, has been around since 1951.

Supercrema was developed from a previous product, Pasta Gianduja, created in 1946 by Pietro Ferrer, the company’s founder. The main ingredient, hazelnut, is a typical product of the province in Piedmont where the Ferrero family comes from.

All these products were the forerunners of today’s chocolate-hazelnut mixture developed in Italy after excessive cocoa taxes made normal chocolate production impossible.

While hazelnut and chocolate have been paired together in desserts for centuries, it wasn’t until World War II that a young Italian woman named Maria Bambina developed a breakfast treat made from hazelnuts, cocoa powder, and milk.

Three decades later, Ferrero found new success marketing their sweet concoction as The Spreadable Chocolate that Kids Love.

Today, several varieties of hazelnut spreads exist on grocery store shelves around the world

The manufacturing process


C’mon, how hard could it be to make your own delicious spreadable chocolate? Well, as it turns out, harder than you think. In fact, when Ferrero International S.A.

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Ingredients in Nutella

The company lists six ingredients in Nutella:

  • sugar,
  • modified palm oil,
  • hazelnuts,
  • cocoa,
  • skim milk and
  • whey.

Best recipes with Nutella

The hazelnut spread, or as it’s known in some parts of Europe, Nutella, was developed in Italy in 1940 and has long been a staple sweet of that country.

Typically, consists of crushed hazelnuts mixed with refined vegetable oils and sugar. Because of its Italian roots, most people assume that Nutella comes from Italy.