Why the Elvis Presley Diet is the Best Diet for 2022

Why the Elvis Presley Diet is the Best Diet for 2022

In the year 2022, there are many great diet plans to choose from. But none will prove more effective than the Elvis Presley Diet, which combines the best weight loss strategies of the past with modern wellness methods and lifestyle recommendations.

By following this unique eating plan, you’ll reach your goal weight faster than you ever thought possible and enjoy eating healthy food in the process! Here’s why the Elvis Presley Diet will be crowned the best diet in 2022

A little background on Elvis

In late 2015, Dr. Anastasia Bodnar of Harvard Medical School published a paper in JAMA Internal Medicine claiming that there are 35,000 deaths a year from obesity-related illnesses.

The internet, as usual, freaked out: all over Facebook and Twitter people posted about how fat they were and how much weight they needed to lose.

Elvis, on the other hand, was known for being trim throughout his career as an entertainer—despite his incredible popularity and access to almost any food he wanted.

The 10 things you should know about The Elvis Presley Diet

  • Tracking your calories daily
  • Eat protein with every meal
  • Fat is your friend (but only if it’s the right kind)
  • Avoid Refined Sugar at All Costs
  • Don’t skimp on carbs because you’re getting enough fat
  • Five Ways to Increase Fiber in Your Diet
  • Take Vitamins Daily
  • Drink Enough Water Daily
  • Incorporate Weight Training Into Your Workout Regimen
  • Track Your Progress Carefully and Often

The first thing you should know about The Elvis Presley Diet is that it’s not really a diet—it’s more of a lifestyle. It won’t just help you lose weight; it will also make you happier, more confident, and more successful in your relationships and at work. You don’t have to be a vain or neurotic person to enjoy its benefits; on contrary, as Dr.

Tracking your calories daily

Why the Elvis Presley Diet is the Best Diet for 2022

One of the most effective ways to lose weight consistently (or even gain it back) is to skip meals. Our bodies were not made to go long periods without food, so if you haven’t eaten anything all day or your last meal was hours ago, your body will start looking around for something quick to grab ahold of, i.e., fat. This can lead to excess calories and weight gain over time.

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Eat protein with every meal

One of my favorite tips I picked up from a counselor who helped me lose more than 60 pounds was to eat protein with every meal.

Not only does eating protein first help fill you up and keep you feeling full longer, but it also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. The benefits don’t stop there: Protein aids in muscle repair and growth, and it helps prevent cravings later in the day.

Fat is your friend (but only if it’s the right kind)

Fat will help you lose weight faster and more healthily than other sources of energy, such as carbohydrates. In fact, a low-fat diet isn’t even recommended if you want to burn fat.

A study in Nutrition Journal found that participants lost as much weight on a high-fat/low-carbohydrate diet (60 percent fat) as they did on a high-protein/low-fat one (15 percent protein). And after 12 months, both groups had comparable levels of metabolic dysfunction.

Statistic: Usage of dietary supplements among U.S. adults in 2020, by household income | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Avoid Refined Sugar at All Costs

Eating refined sugar wreaks havoc on your insulin levels, according to nutritionist Dr. Sarah Hallberg. In fact, it increases insulin so much that it can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. If you want to avoid these medical problems and feel your best in 2022, you must cut out refined sugar at all costs!

Don’t skimp on carbs because you’re getting enough fat

The 40-30-30 approach to dieting says that 40 percent of your calories should come from carbs, 30 percent from fat and 30 percent from protein.

In order to get enough carbs, you need to make sure you’re eating a sufficient amount of them each day. The best way to do that is by splitting your carb intake in half with one part at each meal.

Five Ways to Increase Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and performing optimally. It also has a number of other health benefits, including reducing your risk of certain diseases and helping you maintain a healthy weight.

It’s recommended that adults get between 25 and 35 grams of fiber each day, but most people only eat about half that amount. Getting enough fiber can be tough, but adding these foods to your diet will make it easier to reach your goal without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment.

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Take Vitamins Daily

Vitamins are essential to our bodies; they provide us with nutrients that we cannot get from food alone. When it comes to weight loss, it’s important to take a daily vitamin; these vitamins will ensure you aren’t missing out on any key nutrients that your body needs to shed excess pounds. Choose a multi-vitamin that contains a full spectrum of B vitamins, C, D and E.

Drink Enough Water Daily

Why the Elvis Presley Diet is the Best Diet for 2022

The exact amount of water you need depends on your age, height, weight and sex. However, these guidelines can help you determine if you are drinking enough water daily: If your urine is colorless or pale yellow in color, it’s a good sign that you’re staying hydrated.

If it’s dark yellow or cloudy looking, then it’s likely that your body needs more fluids. Drink eight glasses of water daily (or 64 ounces) to reach optimal hydration levels.

Incorporate Weight Training Into Your Workout Regimen

While lifting weights alone isn’t enough to shed weight, it can increase muscle mass and boost metabolism. If you combine weight training with an aerobic exercise program, such as running or biking, you can expect to lose a few extra pounds.

A study from Duke University found that people who combined aerobic exercise with weight training lost more belly fat than those who didn’t workout at all.

Track Your Progress Carefully and Often

Getting started on your new weight-loss plan is exciting, but you need to track your progress carefully and often to ensure that you’re achieving optimal results.

Remember, it takes time to lose weight, so try not to get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Once you begin counting calories and sticking with a regular exercise routine, however, watch out! You could see your best body yet in as little as five months.

Why the Elvis Presley Diet is the Best Diet for 2022