Austin Texas-The Heat Wave Continues Over the Weekend

Austin Texas-The Heat Wave Continues Over the Weekend

Friday actualized under a incompletely sunny sky with high moisture. The low at Camp Mabry was 77 degrees. That’s five degrees above normal. The low at the field was 74.

As temperatures remain above the normal of 93 it’s the triadic- number heat that’s the main focus of our cast. moment will be the sixth day where the high reaches 100 with a cast high of 103.

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That, if achieved, would break the record of 102 set in 2008. hereafter’s cast high of 105 will fluently set a record with the current 101 in 2012.

This unusual launch to June is the hottest in history, hotter indeed than the first nine days of June 2011. You may recall there were 90 days of triadic- number heat that time. That’s the record … for now.

A large high pressure system over the desert southwest will continue to dominate our rainfall pattern with dry, sinking air allowing temps to skyrockets each autumn.

This forthcoming heat is likely to be the hottest rainfall since August 2020. A Heat Advisory is in effect moment from 1PM to 7PM, with a rare inordinate Heat Warning probably this weekend.

During what’s generally the third-wettest month of the time in Central Texas, we aren’t awaiting any rain over the coming week or further.

Extended outlooks through the month of June and indeed into July show that unless we see a landfalling tropical system come our way from the Gulf, we can anticipate numerous further day highs near or above 100 °.

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As this record-breaking early summer hot persists, drought conditions will deteriorate. As of late this morning the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf are quiet.

Lake Travis has still dropped to its smallest situations since May 2015. still, dry rainfall continues, LCRA protrusions show that Travis may go down another 14 bases by the end of summer,

If hot. elevation. While this would only leave two public boat ramps open and would expose further oceanfront and aquatic obstacles, it would not yet hit the detector for fresh( stage two) Austin Water restrictions.

Austin Texas-The Heat Wave Continues Over the Weekend