GIVE UP These 5 Things are the best thing you Will Ever Do!

GIVE UP These 5 Things are the best thing you Will Ever Do!

When we want to be happier, richer, or want to improve our lives in one way or another – we look for new ways to fill our lives.

We adopt new habits, develop new skills, and buy new books or clothes. Still, it seems that when we surround ourselves with familiar old things, we feel safer.

But not anymore. Instead of collecting things that don’t make us happy, why not give up some things we already have?

Say goodbye to things that no longer serve you, just throw them away! Don’t be too surprised if that possibility upsets you.

Many of us spend our lives surrounded by unnecessary clutter; a disorder that comes from old habits, thoughts, belief systems, people, fears… (I myself was one of them).

What kind of clutter do you allow to take you away from the life you deserve? Because, if there is, it’s time to give it up.

Are you up for the challenge? Great – here we go!

Here are 5 things to give up, starting today:

Give up excuses

When you look back on your life, how many times have you thought excuses kept you away from what you most wanted to do?

Many of us use excuses on a daily basis because using them makes us feel ‘safe’. Discard them.

Give up the accusation game

Your life, your responsibility. Your happiness, your responsibility.

Give up the need to blame other people for your state of feelings and life. Doing so will restore your power as the only maker of your life.

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GIVE UP These 5 Things are the best thing you Will Ever Do!
GIVE UP These 5 Things are the best thing you Will Ever Do!

Give up lamentation

If you allow yourself to grieve, you will always, always, always find something to complain about. So give up; no situation, no person, or event has the power to make you feel bad – unless you allow it.

It’s all a matter of perspective; the power of positive thinking is something we should not underestimate.

Let go of the urge to be correct.

Yes, no one likes to be wrong – it’s one unfortunate trait of the ‘ego’ – a trait that can drag people into extreme stress and even jeopardize their relationships. All just because I can say – ‘I told you! It’s just not worth it.

So give up. The next time you feel the urge to argue, just ask yourself, ‘Would you rather be right or would I rather do the right thing? “ You will be positively surprised.

Give up the need for control

Choose to let go of your need to exert control over everything that occurs to you and around you. Events, situations, people you love, outcomes – let everything be as it is.

Your attention should be in the present moment and nowhere else, focus on the present moment and you will see how much better you will feel.

GIVE UP these 5 things is the best thing you will ever do!