You are not Depressed, you are just Surrounded by FOOLS: A message from a Psychologist for all Good People!

You are not depressed, you are just surrounded by fools: A message from a psychologist for all good people!

There are different ways in which people can express their malice, corruption and stupidity

Dr. Elvira Aletta, a psychologist and author on the Explorewhatsnext portal, has a message.

“Before you diagnose yourself as depressed or low in self-esteem, first make sure you’re not, by any chance, surrounded by fools.” (Freud).

Many will identify with this sentence. They will reflect on their experiences. How many times has someone else’s behavior affected how you feel? How many times have you had to break out of a relationship or give up a friendship because that relationship hurt your self-esteem?

You are not depressed, you are just surrounded by fools: A message from a psychologist for all good people!
You are not depressed, you are just surrounded by fools: A message from a psychologist for all good people!

If the people in your life match these top three characteristics, the problem may not be your self-esteem or depression!

  1. Fools are happy in their stupidity

And stupidity does not mean that they are not intelligent. No one is smart all the time and no one knows everything about everything. Start with yourself – when you don’t know something about something, for a start – admit it. And more importantly, don’t teach lessons to others on a topic you know nothing about. But that doesn’t stop a fool from breastfeeding with his “knowledge.” The fool is intentional, stupidly stupid and happy in that.

  1. Fools are loud and noisy

Can a fool be quiet and shy? Maybe, but you’ll have a hard time remembering someone. Most fools are not interested in a conversation in which they listen and talk. They hold a monologue, shout, enter your personal space, and don’t realize they’re doing it at all. Or maybe they do it to intimidate. Certainly not good for you.

  1. Fools are selfish bullies
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They are facing themselves. They diminish the thoughts, feelings, and contributions of others, while at the same time inflating their ego and sense that they are worth much more.


If we are constantly exposed to fools, they can affect our self-esteem. Parents taught us to be kind and good, to listen and respect others. We expect the same from others. We respect the opinion of others, even when we disagree with them. Good people do not get angry quickly and tend to emphasize the positive qualities of others.

Behavior of fools makes us feel stupid because we are good. When we see this person often, over time our self-esteem collapses, we feel hopeless, tired, sad and depressed. Chronic emotional abuse can indeed lead to depression as a diagnosis.


Be honest with yourself. Once you see the real situation, it will be easier for you to regain your self-confidence. Spend as little time with that individual as possible. If you are in the same office with that person, look for a transfer… Take care of yourself a little more. Spend time with individuals who make you happy.. These can be your pets too.

Now that you know how to recognize a fool when you see her, it’s time to get out of depression and sadness, and live free from these toxic people.