Real Luxury – To Live as You Like

Real Luxury – To Live as You Like

Luxury is neither make-up, restaurants, or high heels. Real luxury is to live as you like. In comfortable boots and the color of lipstick you like or no makeup at all. Eat what you like, hang out with whoever you like, and be together out of love, not out of a sense of duty.

Learn to discard the unnecessary, that which has become obsolete and worn out, but keep what you love. My friend’s five-year-old daughter has been bringing her spoon to guests all her little life. She can afford the luxury of eating with whatever spoon she likes.

Her mother is ashamed of it and tries to justify herself every time. And I started taking my own dishes and cutlery on trips because I don’t like eating out of plastic. And I don’t care what other people think about it.

A luxurious life is not “because you deserve it”, but because the thing is worthy of you. The mug your sister gave you. Dad’s T-shirt is so comfortable to sleep in. Cake according to mom’s recipe. A kiss from a loved one. Interesting books. Good movies. Favorite songs. Fresh linen. Clean apartment. The life you chose yourself.

Real Luxury – To Live as You Like
Real Luxury – To Live as You Like

A luxurious life is not about getting upset when something doesn’t go right. Your socks can tear. The dough may not rise. Friends don’t want to watch your favorite movie. A loved one can leave you. You might not get a promotion at work. Anything can happen. If something doesn’t work out for you, it doesn’t affect your value in any way. It just means that things are not going your way right now.

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A luxurious life means having choices. To mend torn socks or to buy new ones. You throw away the cake and order a pizza or try to bake another one. To watch a movie alone or to go to a cafe with friends. To surrender or to fight. You are looking for a new job or revising your old goals.

A luxurious life is living by your own rules. Go towards your goals. Don’t look for excuses. Do not rise. Don’t justify your choices, your dreams, and your interests.

To be able to say: You can’t do that with me.

And say: I can.